The Cartography panel is designed to show you all data about stellar bodies scanned by your ship. Additionally you can add stellar bodies, which can't be scanned by default, because the data is already available in the game, but unknown to TCE.

View Database Edit


The VIEW DATABASE tab showing all details about your scanned or added stars and bodies. The treeview on the left sums all systems to get a quickly overview. You can filter the view by selecting the filter button. The list of filters are displayed to enter your criteria. Click the button again to close the filters. Click the button next to it to clear all selected filter settings.

The mid showing all bodies of a selected star system, that are in your database. Click one to get more details and to change/select the image data. This list can be sorted by name or distance.

Click IMAGE DATA to hide the panel and show the camera picture. You can hide your HUD by pressing SHIFT+ALT+CTRL+G keys. Now position you view ship to get a nice shot of the star. Click TAKE PICTURE to return to the Cartography panel.

Star System Display Edit


The STAR SYSTEM DISPLAY tab showing all bodies and installations about your current star system with small pictures and the distance from entry point of the star system.

You can select any pictures to get more information’s about a body or an installation or set as it as your destination.

This view can also quickly accessed by the Star System Summary panel.

Adding Stars and Planets manually Edit


If no body of a star system was scanned/added before, you have to add the star system name before. Use the ADD STAR SYSTEM button at the top to enter the name of the star system, you want to add. Thereafter you have to add the primary star by filling all required data into the fields, so it can be saved.

Now you will be able to add additional stars or planets to the star system. When finished, click the CANCEL button at the top-right corner to return to the Cartography panel. Now you are able again to add some pictures for the added stars and planets by the Camera panel.

Planets are composed of materials, you can quickly select with the elements buttons. An entry is created in the composition box, where you have to enter the percentage of appearance to the entry.

Volcanisms and atmospheres can further defined by the + button.

Camera panel Edit


This panel is used to add a picture of a stellar body to the related entry, you have scanned or added. It will show automatically after a scan of your ship by default, but this can be deactivated at the Options panel. You can also use the IMAGE DATA button at the bottom-right of the cartography panel for the selected entry.

When opened, you can change the zoom of the camera, so the body will fill the image and move the panel to the desired location of your screen, to take a picture of the object, you had scanned/added before.