This panel have two display modes, VIEW PRICES and SCAN PRICES.

View Prices Edit


The VIEW PRICES button showing all trade wares, which are stored at your database.

Shown are the SELL and BUY price, the current STOCK and the galactic AVERAGE. The arrows behind those values are an indication, what has changed between the last and your actual update done of the commodity list. A green arrow shows a positive change to you, red a negative.

When clicking on a displayed value of the SELL, BUY or STOCK column, you can change it manually. Press enter to finalize the input done.

You can also reduce the list to only available commodities with the COMPACT VIEW button.

With a click on SELECT CATEGORY, only the commodities of a certain category are shown.

Finally you can change the trade market by clicking the triangle at the top of the panel, to quickly correct prices of a market, you are not present. If you want to store the newly entered data into your database, click the SAVE button.

When selecting a commodity, an information panel opens aside the Commodity panel to show addition information’s and a history graph display for the galactic average price of the selected commodity.

You can click each bar individually to show the exact price.

Scan Prices Edit


The SCAN PRICES button brings you to the OCR working area.

Here is EliteOCR used in the back to scan the commodities displayed in game. But first you have to select a CLEAN SCAN or an UPDATE SCAN before using OCR.

The CLEAN SCAN is used to set all previously recorded commodity values to zero. That can be necessary, if the available commodities have changed from the last scan done. You have to scan the complete list of commodities displayed in game again.

The UPDATE SCAN is used, if the available commodities at the station are still the same and you want only update prices and stock values of them.

Thereafter you can click on START OCR SCAN for every page of the in game commodity list. The status indicator shows what happening. RED shows, that the screenshot making is underway. YELLOW shows, EliteOCR processes the screenshot and the data got imported and GREEN shows, that a new scan can be done.

A green checkmark or a red cross is displayed behind each commodity. It informs you, if the scanned data is faulty or not. You can edit the wrong value manually with clicking on it or perform a new scan of the page.

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