There are some requirements, which must be fulfilled, to run this extension on your PC and together with Elite: Dangerous®. So let’s see, what is needed:

Elite Dangerous requirements Edit

The only thing, that has to be done, is to select the borderless display mode at the options menu of Elite: Dangerous®.

Select OPTIONS at the main menu, thereafter select GRAPHICS. Under FULLSCREEN you can set the display mode. Select BORDERLESS to let this extension to be displayed in front of the game. Click on APPLY to save the setting.

EliteOCR requirements (optional) Edit

EliteOCR is not required, if you want to use EDMC, but some maybe out there, which don't want to use EDMC, so with EliteOCR you can scan the Commodites window of ED to get the required data for TCE.

This brilliant piece of OCR software is designed for Elite: Dangerous® and created by the user seeebek. It is used to transfer the displayed commodity lists of the game into this extension. This tool is not requirement for this extension to work, but it makes the use of it a lot easier. Once you using it, you will love it.

Great work seeebek.

The TRADE COMPUTER EXTENSION MK.II uses the command line executable of EliteOCR in the back to read the OCR results and import them into it.

There are two requirements of EliteOCR to work probably. First you must use a minimum resolution of 1680 x 1050 in Elite: Dangerous®. Secondly you have to teach EliteOCR to perform better on your system. This is done in EliteOCR itself with the included Learning Wizard.

If you want to use EliteOCR, please download the newest version and extract the contents of the pack into the predefined folder of this extension. Train EliteOCR with starting the main executable of the TCE\ELITEOCR folder and selecting the Learning Wizard. After finishing training, EliteOCR is calibrated and usable of this extension.

Elite Dangerous Market Connector (optional) Edit

This advanced app is designed for Elite: Dangerous and created by the user Otis B. It uses the Companion API, released by Frontier Developments . It connects to the API, which delivers all commodities, ships and outfits present at the local market and some personal data about your commander in game.

What a big help and efficient design, thank you very much Otis B. for this fine tool.

The TRADE COMPUTER EXTENSION MK.II uses the command line executable of EDMC in the back to read the export results and import them into it.

You have to enter your credentials of Elite: Dangerous into the settings of EDMC and click on the UPDATE button to receive a verification code per mail. Enter this code into the appropriate field and close the app.

Now it is ready to use with the TRADE COMPUTER EXTENSION MK.II.

A CONNECT button is displayed at the MAIN UI, if you visit a registered station. With it you are be able to access the Companion API to import data for commodities, outfitting and ship types available at the market and your personal record and ship information’s too.

It’s an easy One-Click solution to reduce manual input of data, like prices, available ship types or other things.

A great help for your journey through the star’s to get rich.

TCE-Relay (optional) Edit

This very useful tool is able to hold your price data of registered market up-to-date and was created by the supporter flat. He developed the tool, because the price data is varying much with the ED 2.1 update, so his tool uses the crowd-source gathered price data from EDDN (Elite Dangerous Data Network) to update less actual data of TCE.

This tool is included into the TCE installation and requires no separate install. You can access it via the launcher of TCE.

Thank you flat for this tool, which makes TCE even better at all!

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